Effective January 1, 2019
*APR refers to Annual Percentage Rate
**Rates may change without notice


New Auto (Up to36 Months) As Low As 2.99%
New Auto (67-75 Months)  As Low As 3.99%
New Auto (76-84 Months) As Low As 4.29%
Used Auto (2014-2019) Same as new auto
Used Auto (2010-2013) As Low As 4.49%
Used Auto (2009 and older) As Low As 5.49%


Recreational Vehicle

New & Used *APR - As Low As
36 Months 3.99%
48 Months 4.25%
60 Months 4.49%
72 Months 4.74%
84 Months 4.99%
96 Months 5.24%


Personal Loan

   *APR - As Low As
Up to 60 Months 9.00%


Real Estate

Please contact Artesia Credit Union for all real estate questions at


Overdraft Protection

18.00% *APR

•Amounts added to Overdraft Protection loan in increments of $25.00
•Rates and terms are based on your credit history
•An example of a payment is $219.11 monthly for a $10,000 loan at 2.49% for 48 months. Please click on calculators for other payment options or call your loan officer at (575) 748-9779.
•The annual percentage rate is fixed and will not increase after consummation

Share Secured

  Amount Financed Rate
Share Accounts Not to exceed the principal & interest due 3.50% over the current share rate
Share Certificates Not to exceed the principal and interest due 2.00% over the currrent share certificate rate