Skip-A-Pay Program

Skip Your Summer or Holiday Loan Payment

Do you need some extra breathing room with your loan payment to take advantage of the Summer or Holiday seasons? Take advantage of the Artesia Credit Union Skip-A-Pay offer.

Twice a year, Artesia Credit Union offers our members the option to defer a selected monthly payment in case you need some extra cash during these periods.

Apply for Skip-A-Pay Today!

Only one member number may be submitted per skip pay form! If there are multiple member numbers submitted, the form will be rejected and you will have to resubmit!

Skip-A-Pay Form (opens in new window/tab)

In order to be eligible to participate in the ACU Skip-A-Pay Program, member(s) loan payment must be current. Member(s) required to pay a fee of $40 for each loan skipped. FUNDS MUST BE IN ACCOUNT AT THE TIME OF FORM SUBMISSION.  Interest will continue to accrue on the outstanding balance of member(s) loan until it is paid in full. Member(s) continue to be responsible for the entire outstanding principle and interest of loans and member(s) will be responsible to continue to make the monthly payments after the original maturity date until all principal and interest is paid in full and that member(s) pledge of security shall remain in effect until the loan is fully repaid. Member(s) next regular payment will be due on the scheduled payment due date following the month member(s) has elected to skip a payment. Any credit disability insurance on member(s) loan will not extend beyond the original maturity date of the loans. In the event that member(s) has GAP insurance on a loan, it may affect the amount paid by the insurance company. This offer does not apply to real-estate loans or credit cards.