IRA’s are an excellent option for any retirement plan. With more and more options every year, do your research carefully. Browse your options by picking from the list below.


Individual Retirement Accounts are a great way to save for your golden years. No minimum balance is required and no fees of any kind are assessed. Eligible deposits are tax deductible up to

2006-2007 $4,000 per year
2008 & thereafter $5,000 per year

After age 59 1/2 withdrawals can be made without penalty. “Catch-Up” Contributions can be made by workers 50 and older starting in 2002. You may contribute an additional:  $1,000 a year (years 2006 & thereafter).


Roth IRA’s are different from Traditional IRA’s in the fact that contributions are taxed, but all withdrawals including earnings are tax-free the account holder is 59 1/2 or older. All other contribution, limits, regulations and penalties are identical to a traditional IRA.

Maximum contribution:
2006-2007 $4,000
2008 & after $5,000

Don’t forget if you are a worker age 50 or older, you may be eligible for “Catch-UP” Contributions.
$1,000 a year (years 2006 & thereafter)


An Education IRA is a trust account you set up for a designated beneficiary (any child under the age of 18). Up to $2,000 per year may be deposited tax-free until the age of 18. Other restrictions apply, contact your credit union for details.

IRA Certificates

Artesia Credit Union always strives to give you a variety of products to meet your needs.  An IRA Certificate give your hard earned money a home if you won’t be needing to touch it for a while.  Our rates are competitive and flexible terms, think about an IRA certificate by Artesia Credit Union.